jennifer lawrence and adele

Actress Jennifer Lawrence and singer Adele prove – once again – that they are best friends and they really know how to party!

Jennifer Lawrence and Adele show us all that they know how to party and they are best friends. Jennifer and Adele spent time together on Friday evening at a gay bar in Manhattan, New York and they had a blast.

Adele got on the stage of the Pieces bar in order to talk to Brita Filter, a known drag queen. The singer introduced herself to the people at the bar by saying ” Hello, my name is Adele” and then she screamed ” She’s engaged!” referring to the recent engagement of Jennifer Lawrence to Cooke Maroney.

Adele also had an explication as to what has she been up to lately: “Actually, right now i’m a stay at home mom!“.

If you’re curious to see how Jennifer Lawrence and Adele had fun together, you can see footage and photos taken by the people at the bar, photos and footage that they – of course – posted on social media.

Jennifer Lawrence ( House at the end of the street, Dark Phoenix, Wide Awake, Chase the Stars,  ) and Cooke Maroney started darting in June of 2018 and got engaged last month, in February. They met through one of Jennifer’s friends, Laura Simpson. In the summer of last year Jennifer and Cooke spent a lot of time together and they even went on vacation in Europe. Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney have not talked about their relationship so far but sources close to both said the relationship is wonderful.



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