A start-up company from Japan, got $90 million in funding in order to send a vehicle on the Moon. One of the purpose of the mission is to install the first advertising board on the Moon on which the company wants to project ads, precisely the logos of the sponsors.

The start-up, called Ispace, plans to put the vehicle on the Moon’s orbit in 2019.

Some of the Ispace investors are big companies such as Japan Airlines and Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings. The project started as part of the Lunar Xprize competition held by Google. The first company to succeed in bringing a vehicle on the Moon will get the $20 million prize.

The company will project the logos of the sponsors in vehicles, just like we see them displayed on racing vehicles. Starting with 2012, Ispace will also send rovers to search for water on the Moon. Ispace things that under the Moon’s surface we can find billions of tons of water.

Ispace also wants to establish an economy on the Moon. ” People do not head towards the stars to become poor. This is why it is extremely important to create a space economy” Takeshi Hakamada, the CEO of Ispace says.

Ispace is not the only company that wants to develop a business in space. Planetary Resources start-up wants to mine for gold and platinum. Planetary Resources also has important investors such as Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, Eric Schmidt, the executive president of Alphabet ( the company that owns Google ) and James Cameron, the director of the “Avatar” movie. According to some optimistic numbers, a 30 meters long asteroid can contain $25 – $50 billion worth of platinum.


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