chef jaime oliver
British Chef Jaime Oliver

Famous British chef Jamie Oliver wants to transform his empire into a business with social impact to help fight obesity in children.

He wants to raise awareness about this issue and to educate people with the help of TV shows, partnerships with other companies and books.

Chef Jaime Oliver has to do some reinventing right now. Only three of the 25 restaurants he owns in the United Kingdom are open right now .

Jaime Oliver blames the Brexit for the collapse of his chain of restaurants. Jaime Oliver says that people have stopped eating in restaurants because of the insecurity caused by the Brexit.

Most of Jaime Oliver’s restaurants closed almost three months ago. ” I am sure I learned a valuable lesson that will allow me to do incredible things in the next 30 years in a very different way, however i don’t know what it is right now” Jaime Oliver says.

Approximately 1000 people lost their jobs after Jaime Oliver’s restaurants were closed.

Jaime Oliver invested 13 million pounds to prevent his chain of restaurants from being closed but the company recorded 29 million pounds in losses in a single year.


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