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Jamie Foxx has a new girlfriend, which you surely know from one of the most successful TV shows.

According to latest Hollywood gossip, Jamie Foxx broke up with Katie Holmes and is now dating a famous actress.

Jamie Foxx and Jessica Szohr were seen leaving Jay-Z and Beyonce’s after Oscar party. The two appeared to be having a good time thus fueling the rumors that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes broke up.

Jamie Foxx and Jessuca Szohr were seen together at the party hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Jamie accompanied Jessica outside for some hair. At another party – a few hours earlier – Jamie told the crowd that he is single.

This was a surprising statement for everybody because Jamie Foxx was dating Katie Holmes since 2013 but they only confirmed the relationship in 2018 when the two were seen kissing. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were last seen together in december of 2018 on a yacht, enjoying a romantic vacation.

Jessica Szohr, 33 years old, has been a long time fan of Jamie Fox. In 2017, she posted on Instagram about Jamie Foxx’s show saying that Jamie is a friend and a person who inspire her to work more.

Jessica was previously in relationships with her former Gossip Girl co-star, Ed Westwick, and she also dated Aaron Rodgers.


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