Some media sources report that the decision of removing Ben Affleck from the Batman franchise has been made at the beginning of 2017 but the official announcement has been postponed in order to avoid negative publicity for the new Justice League movie.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal allegedly met with director Mark Reeves, who’s gonna direct a stand alone Batman movie, according to Collider. With rumors that Ben Affleck will step down as Batman because of the very bad reviews for his performance in Justice League, there are many who think Jake Gyllenhaal will be the next Batman in the DC Comics Universe.

And yet, director Mark Reeves claims that Jake Gyllenhaal involvement in the project is far from being a sure thing. ” Jake’s name was mentioned” he says. “There were some talks but nothing is certain” Reeves added.

Jake Gyllenhaal is not shy of doing superhero movies. Jake was nominated to replace Tobey Maguire in Spiderman 2 after Tobey hit his back. Jake also auditioned for Batman Begins but the role eventually went to Christian Bale.

However, in the past, Jake decided not to pay too much attention to Marvel movies.

Fie că îl interesează sau nu, DC l-a curtat în ultimii ani, oferindu-i rolul lui Rick Flag din Suicide Squad, după ce Tom Hardy a renunţat. Gyllenhaal a spus pas, în rol fiind distribuit Joel Kinnaman.

We also know that DC has been trying to get Jake Gyllenhaal to play in superhero movies back in the day. DC offered Jake the role of Rick Flag in Suicide Squad after Tom Hardy dropped out but Jake refused the role that eventually went to Joel Kinnaman.

Ben Affleck’s future as Batman has been questioned after it was rumored that Ben is thinking of setting acting aside to focus on directing a new Batman movie. The Hollywood Reporter claims that DC Studios was looking back in July to cut Affleck loose in an elegant way. Ben Affleck denied all this at Comic Con by saying: ” Let be me clear. I am lucky. Batman is the best. I’m always happy to play Batman. I think it’s a misunderstanding because i’m not directing Batman, I play Batman” he said.

Collider says that the decision of removing Ben Affleck from the franchise has been made at the beginning of 2017 however the official announcement has been postponed until after the premiere of Justice League.


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