joaquin phoenix as the Joker
Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker

The highly anticipated and much waited first trailer of the “Joker” movie that tells the story of Arthur Fleck, the man ignored by society who transformers into Batman’s nemesis has finally been released.

The trailer gives us a perspective on Arthur’s relationship with his mother but also a glimpse into how he transformed into the Joker.

My mother always told me to smile and to put on a happy face” Arthur Fleck says in the trailer.

In the last seconds of the trailer we hear him saying: ” I thought my life was a tragedy but now i realize it’s a comedy“.

The movie produced by Martin Scorsese, about which it is said it has been inspired by movies such as King of Comedy or Taxi Driver, will be premiered in movies theaters in October of this year.

Todd Philips, the director of the movie, says that Joker is the “study of a character despised by society who becomes not just a social case but also a story”.

Watch the first Joker trailer below:

Warner. Bros has been trying for a long time to catch up with Marvel and create a similar Universe, however Warner Bros. has seen a lot of success with the Dark Knight franchises directed by Christopher Nolan.

Joaquin Phoenix is just the newest character to play the Joker. Over the years the Joker has been played by many important actors and we’re going to mention Health Ledger in the Dark Knight, Cameron Monaghan in the Gotham TV series and Jared Leto in Suicide Squad ( however Jeto has not received so many positive reviews for his portrayal of the Joker ).


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