Released back in October of this year, the Edge web browser for Android smartphones and tablets has surpassed the 1 million downloads milestone and this makes Microsoft feel optimistic about the web browser’s future.

Although compared to other Microsoft apps such as OneDrive, PowerPoint, Excel or Word, apps that have surpassed the 100 million downloads milestone, the results of the Microsoft Edge web browser are still modest but the fact that more than 1 million Android users have decided to look for alternatives to mobile web browsers by downloading Edge is good news for Microsoft.

Using the Blink engine at it’s core, the same one Chrome uses, the Microsoft Edge web browser for Android provides almost the same performance as Chrome, and this might be enough for users to think about replacing Chrome with Edge on their Android devices.

Some of the features that Edge has to offer for Android is the Dark Mode feature optimized for night use, the Continue on PC feature so you can redirect your navigation session on Windows 10: synchronized bookmarks, support for tabs, reading mode.

It’s not all good news for the Edge web browser because it also has some serious limitations such as the lack of support for extensions and many users are using extensions to hide ads on websites.

You can download the Edge web browser for Android from the Google Play Store.


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