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The sales of the iPhone are not at all very good and this is reason for Apple to worry a bit. The year 2019 will probably be a sacrifice year for Apple before the release of a new generation of smartphones that are truly different. Still, this is no reason that Apple will not try to integrate a few new technologies in the iPhone XI generation. This just means that Apple’s priorities are a bit different compared to the industry.

This year most top smartphones manufacturers will release at least one model equipped with 5G antennas and some companies such as Samsung or Huawei have released smartphones with foldable displays. Apple prefers to wait until these technologies will be mature enough to be integrated in mainstream devices because, right now, the folding smartphones released by Huawei and Samsung are do not target regular consumers.

In september of this year Apple might release a series of three new iPhone smartphones that will follow on the footsteps of the iPhone XS released last year. We are talking about an iPhone XI with a 5.8 inch OLED display, iPhone XI Max with a 6.4 inches display and an iPhone XR 2019 with a 6.1 inch display. At this time it is unclear if the notch will disappeared or it will be smaller.

The new iPhone XI might also benefit from an underwater mode, Apple creating a new touchscreen that can be used even if your hands are wet or if the phone is underwater. The main feature of the underwater mode is using the phone when it rains, which was almost impossible until now because the touchscreen failed in interpreting the commands correctly.

The iPhone XI might also come with a new vibration system. Taptic engine is known as the most advanced vibration system in the world and integrating it better in the iOS operating system is natural. The new haptic system might provide touch response on the entire surface of the screen which is now being divided in nine areas. When you hit a button on the screen you should feel the touch right there, not in the entire body of the phone. This feature doesn’t exactly appear to be necessary, but it is something that might matter a lot for Apple as we know the company pays a lot of attention to even the smallest of details.

The iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max might come with a triple camera system. Unlike Samsung and Huawei, Apple will not integrate a ultra wide camera. Instead, the company will use a TOF sensor ( Time of Flight ) which will improve the portrait mode and ads new AR abilities for the iPhone. Surely Apple will find a clever way to prove these abilities as until now phones with such cameras came without concrete apps.

September is still half a year away so all these details are based on rumors. The iPhone that will arrive in the fall might be different than what Apple is focusing on right now but some things are sure: Apple will release a 5G iPhone in 2020 and a foldable phone even later. It remains to be seen whether Apple will align itself to the newest perforated displays or will continue to keep the notch waiting for the technology that allows the cameras and frontal sensors to be hidden beneath the screen.


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