Even if 2019 has just started and the new iPhone smartphones will only be released in the fall, we have a pretty clear idea about what Apple is planning for the next iPhone generation.

Multiple reports suggest that we’re dealing with three new iPhone models, while their prices will mostly remain the same. The latter is a bit disappointing considering that low sales of the iPhone XS and iPhone XR models.

According to Droid Scout, Apple will release three new iPhone models that might have a slightly different design compared to the iPhone models released last year. Firstly, the successor of the iPhone XR might have a front design almost the same as the previous version, with a bigger notch. This model might come with a dual camera on the back and might also be available in green. The new color will most likely replace one existing color, maybe the color that is the least popular of the XR generation.

The iPhone models that will replace the iPhone XS and iPhone Max will be equipped with new displays with a smaller notch, which is most likely due to the fact that the TrueDepth technology for facial recognition has been improved. The photo camera will also be the same. It is very likely for an improved camera to be integrated in the Max model alone.

Other interesting details about the iPhone XI generation includes a new glass panel on the back, which might be textured, thus improving the phone’s grip and avoiding scratches. And not least, the transition from the Lightning to USB Type-C is a possibility, although rumors are mentioning both. It is not clear if Apple will switch to USB Type-C this year or next year.

The iPhone XI generation is expected to arrive on the market in September of 2019 and the prices will remain almost the same: $750 for the replacement of the iPhone XR, $999 for the iPhone XI and $1099 for the iPhone XR Max.


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