One of the biggest advantages of high end phone owners is the superior quality of the photos they take under weak light ( especially at night ). But even top smartphones have pretty big differences, innovations such as artificial intelligence processing and combining multiple photos into one of top quality.

Night photo modes are hugely promoted by the smartphone industry and manufacturers are dedicating considerable resources to optimize the photo camera software. One step in front of the competition, Google has implemented a dedicated night photography module in the Pixel 3 smartphone. Using Night Mode, the phone ignores the properly illuminated regions of the photo by selectively adjusting exposure to also render details from darker areas.


To compare, the iPhone XS seems to not deal so great with remote light areas, not making proper image exposure adjustments.

However, a person more experienced in taking nighttime photos can fix this problem by touching the screen on the area of interest this way telling the photo camera application to adjust the exposure of the image.

At the moment Google appears to have the lead regarding image processing, the photo camera of the Pixel 3 smartphone being more suitable for nighttime photos than the camera of the iPhone XS.


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