The iPhone X was sold pretty well around the time it was released but the demand seems to drop now that the winter holidays are past us. As such, Apple might cut down the production of the iPhone X to half in the next trimester and the production of the iPhone X might stop altogether in favor of a new high end model that will be released in the fall of this year.

This information about the iPhone X production comes from Nikkei. The publication claims that for the next three months Apple will produce approximately 20 million iPhone X units, besides the 30 million iPhone 8 models that are going to be produced. This number is still impressive as many other rival companies are also hoping to produce such quantities for their top devices so they can sell them to end users.

The fact that Apple limits the demand for high end iPhone components will also have an effect on the plans and income projects of Apple’s suppliers. Also, Nikkei says that other manufacturers might think twice in adopting new technologies such as OLED high resolution displays, facial recognition sensors and other expensive components because the market appears to not be ready for such expensive devices.

It is possible in 2018 to see the iPhone family focus more on models with “classic” screens based on IPS panels. This doesn’t mean that Apple will forget about the OLED successor of the iPhone X, it only means that it will be produced in limited quantity.


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