Many have criticized Apple for the lack of innovation of the iPhone 7 smartphone compared to previous models, but it appears that many users are very happy with the phone.

iPhone 7 doesn’t have too many things different compared to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 from a design point of view. Based on the cover you use, many might not even tell that you have an iPhone 7 or an iPhone 6S. Even without a cover, only a hardcore iPhone fan might see that the iPhone 7 has a bigger camera and the main button has a different feedback when pressed.

But, everything we just said above matter less. What is important is that the iPhone 7 was sold like crazy and a recent study reveals some numbers to go with it.

Innovating or not, the iPhone 7 is the best sold smartphone on the most important markets in the world: United States of America, Europe and China.

Considering that almost one year ago we were prepared to announce a drop in sales for the iPhone for the first time since the first model was released, the situation has been fixed globally. Apple’s market share has climbed back, an it seems that it’s growing again. If we refer to the iOS as a platform installed on all of Apple’s devices, the iPhone has a 42% market share in the United States, which is a boost of 2,9% compared to last year. In Europe, where there is bigger competition than in the United States, Apple gets a market share between 20,3% – 22,7%.

It remains to be seen whether Apple can keep this momentum going after the launch of the iPhone 8.


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