iPhone 11 will probably be the most watched smartphone presentation in 2019 and not exactly because many people are interested in the new Apple smartphones but because they want to see how Apple reacts to market competition.

New rumors suggest that Apple will just make the necessary changes in order to improve existent hardware, the exterior design being mostly the same. Just the camera on superior versions will get a design update.

iPhone 11 – Design

MacOtakara published new details about the new family of iPhone smartphones, mostly referring to the camera that will come on superior models. Apparently, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will come with a three camera system on the back and they might come with the design we’ve seen online at the beginning of the year, with the three sensors integrated in a square with rounded corners, similar to that of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

In the case of the iPhone 11R, Apple might use a strategy similar to that from 2018 by providing the most powerful processor along with reduced RAM and improved camera. We’re talking about a dual camera system on the cheapest model, similar in functionality to the system of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


We also have a list of possible hardware specs for the three new iPhone 11 models, however they are unconfirmed at the moment and Apple has enough time until September to change things.

iPhone 11R Possible technical specifications

Display: 6.1” ( with smaller notch)
Rear camera: dual, 12 MP
Front camera: FaceTime camera + Face ID
Processor: Apple A13 (7 nm)
Storage: 64, 128, 512 GB
Fingerprint reader: No
Connectivity: 4G LTE
Construction: aluminum + glass

In the case of the standard iPhone 11 it may be identical design wise compared to the iPhone XS and iPhone X. The rear camera might be integrated in a square and the third camera might add new 3D features for AR. The phone might also get an upgrade to 6 GB of RAM memory in some configurations and the basic version will have 128 GB of internal storage.

iPhone 11 Max Possible technical specifications

  • Display: 6,4” (notch similar to that of the iPhone XS Max)
  • Rear Camera: triple, 12 megapixels (wide, zoom + 3D TOF camera)
  • Frontal camera: FaceTime + Face ID
  • Processor: Apple A13 (7 nm)
  • RAM: 4-6GB
  • Storage: 128, 256, 1 TB
  • Fingerprint reader: No
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE
  • Construction: Glass and steel

For the iPhone 11 Max model Apple might provide the same basic abilities such as the iPhone 11, but it may add the 1 TB storage option just like the Galaxy S10+ smartphone from Samsung.

iPhone 11 – Price

When it comes down to the price of the three iPhone 1 1 models, they will be the same as the prices of previous models. The price of the iPhone 11R might start from $750, the iPhone 11 from $999 and the iPhone 11 Max from $1100. The top version, with 1 TB storage will be more expensive than the iPhone XS Max with 512 GB, of course.

iPhone 11 – Release date

The launch of the new iPhone 11 is expected to take place in September of 2019, the usual month when Apple presents and releases new iPhone models.


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