ios 11 baterry settings

People with iPhone smartphones affected by the performance limitation problem and they still haven’t replaced their batteries at a discounted price, will be happy to learn that they can now install the new iOS 11.3 which comes with the possibility of disabling the performance limitation feature.

Besides the new “Battery Health” tab in the iOS settings, the new iOS 11.3 version comes with improved features for AR Apps, new icons for Animoji and a few other nifty things.

Many of you will – most likely – be interested in the Battery Health menu, which can now be found in the Battery section of the Settings. Here you can check up on the battery of your iPhone and the way it operates. In case anything is alright you will see the “Peak Performance” text, but if there are problems, the performance is limited. You can disable the limitation from this menu and the performance of your phone will go back to the initial state.

ios 11 baterry settings

ARKit, the development software package for AR apps has reached the 1.5 version and it now comes with support for vertical surfaces. Until now AR Apps were able to recognize only horizontal surfaces but now they can also detect doors, walls, other virtual elements. This feature will surely be useful in interior design apps.

The four new Animoki icons are a lion, a bear, a skeleton and a Chinese dragon, but they are only available on the iPhone X. All other iOS 11 users can receive Animoji on devices that do not have a TrueDepth camera.

new animojji ios 11

iMessage has received a feature many people desired: business accounts. Businesses can now add accounts for the Apple messaging system thus being able to easily interact with iOS clients. Health Records feature was also added, a feature that manages clues regarding the user’s health and it can sync with compatible systems in hospitals. The data recorded by Health Records are encrypted and they can only be accessed with a password created by the user.

Because nowadays online privacy is a very touchy thing, and Apple is very preoccupied with security, there is now a button that will show users precisely what data is needed for an app and how the app will use the data when permission is granted.

You can go right ahead and install iOS 11.3 on your compatible iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch devices.


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