Apple has rolled out the iOS 10.3 version without making a prior announcement. The new version of the iOS 10 operating system for Apple devices comes with stability and performance improvements and it also brings a series of new features, but nothing revolutionary. The new iOS 10.3 also comes with a new app, Apple Clips, that will be launched in the App Store very soon.

Some of the most important new iOS 10.3 features is the compatibility of the Find my iPhone app with AirPods wireless headsets. You can now see inside the app the last GPS coordinates where the AirPods were used and you can play sounds on the headset to find them easier when they are nearby. Considering how easy the AirPods can be lost, this feature is very useful for some people.

Siri also gets an important upgrade. Siri can now interact with online payment apps, it will offer the possibility of schedule rides with ridesharing apps suh as UBER and can interact with auto apps to provide details about connected cars ( Opel, Tesla, etc ).

For iTunes, Apple brings the possibility of renting movies on every platform and watching them on each platform, which was not possible in previous iOS versions. All users who own an iPhone 5S or newer or an iPad Mini 2 tablet or newer can now upgrade to the new iOS 10.3.

Have you installed the new OS on your Apple device yet ?


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