Although the Internet is being used by billions of people from all over the only, only a few people were actually involved in its creation, and Tim Berners-Lee is one of them.

The foundation of the World Wide Web, also known as the Internet, was created approximately 30 years ago. At that time, a few researchers started to work on a network with the purpose of interconnecting Universities from the United States. Not long has passed until the project evolved into a global network of billion of interconnected devices. One of the people who created the foundation and still continues to be involved in the evolution of online technology is Tim Berners – Lee.

Tim Berners – Lee just got the Turing award for his accomplishments in technology. The Turning award – which comes with a $1 million cash award given by Google – is the most important award that can be given to a person in the IT industry. This award is also known as the Nobel prize for technology. In the past Tim Berners – Lee received many other important awards for his work, but the Turing award is the most important of them all.

The Turing award is given every year for important technology accomplishments. This year the award is handed over by The Association of Computing Machinery A.M. Turing. Officially, the Tim Berners – Lee got the award for inventing the World Wide Web, the first web browser, fundamental protocols and algorithms for the internet to be scalable.

Tim Berners Lee received the award with modesty. He said that the award is named after someone who showed the world what a programmer can do with a computer. Tim Berners – Lee is currently teaching at MIT and is the founding director of the World Wide Web Consortium, the authority responsible for defining web development standards.

We wish to congratulate Tim Berners – Lee for the award and hope he continues his very important work in the future.


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