After months of rumors and speculation, Instagram has officially launched GIF support for the Story section of the app. Now you can add just about anything you want on top of the photos and videos you want your friends to see for 24 hours.

You can choose from thousands of very funny stickers. Instagram also announces a future feature that allows you to upload photos and videos of any size.

To turn your photos into GIF click Add in the upper side of the Story. From there, select the new GIF option and you will see a library that includes thousands of GIFs. Swipe to the one you want on your photo or video and that’s it. Your story comes to life. Furthermore, you can search trending GIFs so make it easier for you to navigate through the library.

Next week Instagram is also going to add the feature we mentioned above, precisely the feature that allows you to upload photos and videos of any size. Once activated, you can upload photos and videos without you having to cut anything from them.

Until the new feature is present you can enjoy the thousands of GIFs Instagram provides on Android and iOS, if your Instagram app is up to date of course.


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