The DXR Spotlight contest organized by NVIDIA, Epic Games and Microsoft in the last few months has ended and the three winners have been announced.

The contest, which is an extension of the NVIDIA Indie Spotlight program invited games developers and content creators to develop demo games using the Unreal Engine 4.22 engine, Microsoft DirectX and DirectX Raytracing routines to get effects such as reflections and real time rendered shadows and global illumination.

The quality of the games in the contest proves that anyone can master the real time ray tracing art. The three winners of the contest are:

Christian Hecht with Attack from Outer Space

Attack from Outer Space recreates the atmosphere of science fiction movies in the 50’s by using ray-traced reflections, ambient light and shadows, all rendered in real time.

Opus Visual with LP Trailer Driving

LP Trailer allows gamers to drive a truck using reflections and ambient occlusion to simulate natural light.

Alden Filion with Diode

Diode allows gamers to play against evil as a knight from the future. The demo uses ray traced reflections in real time to get spectacular results.

The three winners received a NVIDIA TITAN RTX GPU as a prize.


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