A software engineer from Nigeria had to give and pass an IT test at the airport in New York in order to prove he’s really a programmer and that he came to the United States for work.

Not at all convinced that the man was a programmer, JFK customs employees obligated Celestine Omin, 28 years old, to pass an IT test at the airport, after flying for 24 hours.

Celestine Omin is employed by the Andela company, a company with offices in New York, San Francisco, Lagos and Nairobi.

The man has a short term work visa which allows him to work in New York.

After the test, the programmer said he had the feeling that someone has quickly searched questions on Google as he realized the U.S. customs employees had no IT training.

Moreover, after the test, Omin was told that he didn’t do very well. The programmer belives that the airport personnel expected to receive answers just like on Wikipedia as they didn’t had the knowledge to interpret them.

Eventually the man was allowed to enter the United States after the JFK  personnel made a few phone calls, and they even talked on the phone with Andela representatives.

So, programmers, if you fly to the United States to work, be prepared to take an IT test or you might now be allowed to enter.


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