notre dame assassins creed unity
The Notre Dame cathedral rendered in Assassin's Creed Unity game

A few days after Paris became the scene of a global tragedy, the good people over at Ubisoft, one of the world’s biggest games developers, decided to commemorate the event by offering the Assassin’s Creed Unity game for free. Ubisoft also made a sizable donation.

The Notre Dame is rendered spectacularly in Assassin’s Creed Unity. The effort made by Ubisoft on the development of the Unity game, who’s story takes place in Paris, was very big. A few years after the game was released, in light of the Notre Dame tragedy, Ubisoft decided to offer the game for free, for one week.

Besides a large number of very rich people who donated millions in just a few days, Ubisoft also decided to pitch in. Ubisoft made a donation of 500.000 EUR for reconstructing the Notre Dame cathedral.

Because it would have been a bad idea not to promote the Unity game, a game in which you can roam freely through the Notre Dame cathedral, Ubisoft also made the decision of offering the PC version of the Assassin’s Creed Unity game for free until April 25, 2019. “We want to give everybody the opportunity of experimenting the beauty of Notre Dame in the way we know best” Ubisoft officials said in a press release.

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The connection between Ubisoft and Notre Dame transcends the Unity game that was released four years ago. Ubisoft has a very large studio in Paris.

If you want to install the Assassin’s Creed Unity game for PC you need to click on this link.


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