Unfortunately for Samsung, the new Galaxy Fold smartphone gets damaged quite a lot and fast, and this raises questions about Samsung’s ability to deliver a viable product on the market.

While Samsung is still working on finding a fix for this problem by recalling all Galaxy Fold smartphones that were sent to the media, iFixit specialists got to work in order to find out why the Galaxy Fold gets damaged so fast.

The first impression is that Samsung paid a lot of attention to designing the case and the hinge, which has the purpose of ensuring the screen is folded safely. But the same level of attention has not been paid to the OLED display as the screen is inexplicably vulnerable to external factors.

The first question sign is the protection that spreads until the physical margin of the screen, giving the impression that it is a common protection against scratches. Optional for other smartphones, the protection has been quickly removed by users, causing the screen to get damaged.


What is harder to explain is the way Samsung engineers decided to leave the folding area of the screen unprotected as there is a 7 mm void between the margin of the OLED display and the frame of the case which allows foreign elements to quickly enter such as dust and sand. Even if the screen is not directly “attacked”, dust behind the folding area can quickly push the screen beyond the limits causing damages.

This scenario is not been duplicated by Samsung in the company’s dust free testing labs, and Samsung engineers only tested the resistance of the case and endurance of the screen to repeated folds with the help of some especially created robots. Actually, in the presentation material of the Galaxy Fold the company does not mention protection against dust and water. Most likely this will be fixed by Samsung.

Samsung asked iFixit to remove the article in which they show why the screen of the Galaxy Fold gets damaged so fast. Because iFixit was not in direct contact with Samsung, as the company offered the phone to a third party, the request iFixit received came from its partner. The iFixit website was not legally obligated to remove the article, but the article was however removed in order to stay in good relations with the partner.

We received the Galaxy Fold from a trusted partner. Samsung asked our partner to ask us to remove the article. We’re not legally obligated to do so but out of respect for our partner, we choose to remove the article until we can buy a Galaxy Fold from the store” iFixit says.




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