iCloud is the perfect weapon for thieves who steal locked iPhone and iPad devices, and they are taking advantage of the naivety of their victims in order to unlock them.

iCloud is a weapon in the hands of thieves who unlock stolen iPhone and iPad devices. After the devices are stolen, they remain locked in the iCloud and a password is requested in order to unlock the device, obviously.

Using the email address of the iCloud account, thieves send their victims an email that appears to come from Apple, with the help of which the thieves find out the password of the Apple ID. Victims are being sent links to websites that apparently serve the purpose of helping them unlock their devices but in reality these are fake websites created with the purpose of stealing Apple ID passwords.

After getting the password, thieves unlock the stolen iPad and iPhone devices and then they are put up for sale online. Criminal groups focused on stealing Apple devices are highly organized in the United Kingdom, United States, Argentina and India. Tens of thousands of iPhone and iPad devices are stolen annually and they are unlocked using this method.

Unfortunately, there is nothing Apple can do to help users because they are the victim of their own naivety. The only method to stop this is for people to realize the emails do not come from Apple.

If you get your iPhone or iPad stolen be very careful of the emails you receive asking for personal information such as passwords.


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