Today we just learned that Intel wants to buy Broadcom, the company that also wants to buy Quaucomm. In the last few years Qualcomm has gotten many things above Intel as Intel failed to make its presence on the mobile market and just remained active on the computers market.

Intel is, without a doubt, the market leader when it comes to laptops and desktop computers. They tried to get a piece of the tablets and smartphones market with the Atom family of processors but this failed to make good impressions. Intel has spent more than $10 billion to rival with Qualcomm and MediaTek, and Intel finally decided to stop in 2016. Wall Street Journal managed to get their hands on a very interesting piece of news: Intel wants to buy Broadcom.

Most recently we learned that the U.S. authorities were warned by Broadcom that Qualcomm  has tires with the Chinese Government. It’s weird to learn this because Qualcomm is an American company and, as such, should be under close monitoring by the Trump administration. Broadcom is a company located in Singapore, even if the company has offices in the United States.

If Intel buys everything, it will be an American affair and this would form a huge company on the processors market. It’s clear that the antitrust organizations will make waves when hearing this news. Maybe Intel just buys Broadcom, without Qualcomm. On the other hand, if Broadcom and Intel work together they can easily overpower Qualcomm on the mobile market.

Intel has other options too, such as buying smaller companies, which can make Intel more competitive on the mobile market.


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