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A recent story published by the New York Times suggests that Huawei is going to sue the United States Government.

The reason why Huawei is going to sue the United States Government is the fact that the Government has banned federal agencies from the United States to use equipment built by Huawei because they might allegedly be used for espionage by the Chinese Government.

So, through this lawsuit, Huawei wants to make the United States Government to publicly come forward with these fears. Last week, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, executives of the Huawei company asked the U.S. Government to come forward with proof for the fact that Huawei’s technology is vulnerable and used for espionage by the Chinese government. A lawsuit might obligate the U.S. Government to present the evidence into discovery.

Huawei is not the only company to sue the United States Government in order to force the authorities to come forward with the proof they have as there is a legal precedent. Last year Kaspersky sued the United States Government after products developed by the Russian company were uninstalled from computers used by Government officials for suspicions that the products might be used by Russian spies in order to get sensible data.

Kaspersly lost the trial as the court said that “the decision made by the Congress to uninstall Kaspersky software from federal networks was a balanced and reasonable response”.

Huawei will most likely base its lawsuit on a United States legislation that says that a Congress directive cannot punish a person or a group without due process.


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