The U.S. Department of Justice has released the list of charges against Huawei and Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the founder of Huawei and the CFO of the company.

Some of the most important charges against Huawei is bank fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice and technological theft. The Department of Justice accuses HUawei of stealing secret information from T-Mobile and it attempted to avoid sanctions against Iran.

Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder and the CFO of the company was arrested last year in December at the Vancouver airport. She is accused of fraud and violating the sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran.

The DOJ started to investigate Huawei in 2016 under the suspicion that the company was sending products manufactured in the United States to Iran and other countries, this violating sanctions.

Both Meng Wanzhou and Huawei denied all charges. The relations between Ottawa and Beijing have started to deteriorate soon after Meng was arrested as China, in reply, arrested two U.S. citizens and sentenced a  Canadian citizen to death for drug trafficking.

Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder and CFO of the company will be heard by the court in Canada to discuss a possible release on bail.


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