HarmoyOS from Huawei

Huawei announced the release of a new operating system for mobile devices called Harmony OS 1.0. This appears to be the official name of the HongMeng OS, the Android alternative that has been rumored for a long time now.

It appears that HarmonyOS is build especially to be used for a wide range of devices and – for the moment – it will not come installed on Huawei’s top smartphones. Huawei talked about compatibility with smartwatches, smart displays, infotainment systems in cars or smart speakers.

HarmonyOS borrows a few ideas from the Fuchsia OS concept from Google, being a platform built on a micro-kernel. Huawei hopes to see HarmonyOS being the first operating system to work without barriers between devices. Through its architecture, the HarmonyOS operating system should have a five times faster communication process for using resources more efficiently than other operating systems on the market.

According to Huawei, data security is a priority for HarmonyOS, as the OS integrates TEE ( Trusted Execution Environment ) which should protect users. Also, the fact that the micro-kernel has 1.000 times less code compared to the Linux Kernel suggests that there will be less vulnerabilities in the future.

For smartphones manufacturers HarmonyOS will be open source for developers and the first objective is to build an apps ecosystem for more types of devices in China. Once HarmonyOS becomes popular in China, the OS will be developed for global use. The first HarmonyOS devices will hit the market later this year and most likely they will be wearable devices.


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