If you want to know who is using your computer when you’re not home or at the office, all you have to do is use one of the features Windows comes with.

Every once in a while we share our computer with someone else. We tend to give them the password so they can log in and afterwards we forget to change it. Of course, you shouldn’t give your password to anyone but let’s not dwell on this fact right now.

Use the Event Viewer to see who’s using your computer when you’re away

To find out if someone is using your computer without your permission, you can rely on a feature that already exists in Windows, a feature called Event Viewer. The Event Viewer feature is useful to keep tabs on your system, to stay up to date with notifications and other stuff, but not many people know about it.

When you start a Windows app it appears in the event log of the Event Viewer feature. You can also see changes of the security settings, you can see if you’re having driver problems or if one or more of your computer’s components is not working properly. Basically, it’s a database that keeps tabs on everything regarding your computer.

How to launch the Event Viewer

To start the Event Viewer you have to go to the Control Panel. Here you have to click on System and Security. In Administrative Tools you have to click on View Event Logs and this will open the Event Viewer app.

If you’re using Windows 10 you can simply type “Event Viewer” in the search field and the app will be listed immediately. Another way to open this app is through the Run box. Hit the Windows  + R key, type eventvwr and hit OK.

So, how do you find out if someone else is using your computer ?

After Event Viewer is open, you will have to go to Windows Logs > System tab. It will take a few seconds until you can see the list, depending on how many events your computer needs to list.

Here you can click on any row in the middle column to see more details about an event. You will see that there are thousands of entries and they are not all relevant. This is why we have to sort out the data so this means that we’re going to use a filter.

To do this, hit the Fiilter Current Log option located in the right area of the app. then make sure that in the window that pops up the filter is configured to display System Events and that you select All Users in the user field. The third step is to type 6005, 6006 in the indicated box.

In the middle area of the application you’ll be able to sort events based on the time and date so you can see when your computer was turned on and off. Using this method you will be able if someone was using your home or office computer without your permission.


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