Since it’s a significant upgrade compared to Google Now, it would be great if you knew how to install it on Android, right ?

In the last few years, smartphones manufacturers bragged with offering a capable virtual assistant. It doesn’t matter that you might find it weird to talk to your phone or that most software tools are not available in other languages than English. What matters is that they evolved a lot and they can actually make your life easier if you get used to using virtual assistants.

People love virtual assistants and this is why we can find them in the latest Windows and MacOS versions. It remains for you to decide which one you like best, but if you’re an Android user you might want to know how to install Google Assistant on your Android device.

Google Assistant is a major Google Now upgrade. It can engage in a pretty elaborate discussion and can search for information in many places. Initially, Google Assistant was only available for Google Pixel and Google Nexus smartphones but now it is compatible with every Android device out there.

To be able to use Google Assistant, you need a device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or Android 7.0 Nougat. If you’re using a custom ROM with one of the two versions you might not be able to install Google Assistant but then again, you might.

Google Assistant comes with Google App 6.14 beta but right now the app should be out of beta and it should be available on the Google Play Store. If the update does not appear, you can download the most recent version from the APK Mirror website by clicking here. If you download the app from APK Mirror you have to uncheck the Unknown sources ption in Settings > Security in order to install it.

To take advantage of Google Assistant, swipe to the right on the main screen. Keep the Home button pressed for a few seconds and you should see a notification about a new virtual assistant. Confirm through a tap on Continue if you want to use it. Hit the microphone to ask a question or you can even ask questions as text.

Are you using the Google Assistant ? Do you like it ?


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