You might want to improve the Netflix subtitles in care you can’t read it very well while watching movies or your favorite TV shows on Netflix.

While you can’t modify the subtitle appearance for movies or TV shows you watch on TV, Netflix is more flexible when it comes down to this because many people can’t read the subtitles as they are set by default and – at times – users want to make it bigger.

If you decided that it’s about time to take matters into your own hands and modify the subtitle appearance on Netflix, you need to consider one thing: every modification you make will apply on all devices you are logged in with with the same username and password. This means that if you’re using Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV or web browser, the subtitle will look the same.

To modify the subtitle appearance on Netflix you need to go to using your web browser. Log in to your account, click on your Avatar on the upper right and choose Account Settings. Under My Profile, pick Subtitle Appearance and pretty soon you’ll see something like in the image below. One of the best combination to improve the readability of Netflix subtitles is the white color for text with black frame. The frame can be defined in the Shadows section, and the font of the subtitle can be changed using Font. Additionally, if you have sight problems and you can’t read the subtitle very well, you can make it easier by defining a background color using the Background button. Then you have to confirm your changes by clicking on the Save button or you can restore to the default settings by hitting the Reset button.





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