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Lately we are seeing how tech companies are focusing on dark themes for their apps or even for the entire UI ( User Interface ) as it happens with the Samsung One UI. Well, right now the Facebook Messenger is also getting a dark theme called Dark Mode. The Facebook Messenger Dark Mode comes as an easter egg that must be discovered by the user.

In October of last year Facebook said that the Dark Mode will soon be released for Facebook Messenger.

More than four months have passed since then and Facebook still hasn’t officially released this feature yet. Well, even if the feature is not officially out there, there is one thing you can do to activate the Dark Mode on your Facebook Messenger, if you want to test it that is.

You can activate the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger by sending the moon emoji in a chat window ( 🌙 ). Once you send the moon emoji you will see a pop-up message saying that “You Found Dark Mode” and you will also see a button with the “Turn on in Settings” option.

By tapping that button you will open the Settings menu of Facebook Messenger and you will see a new option named ” Dark Mode”. It will have an on button which, if you tap, will activate the Facebook Messenger Dark Mode.

Once you activate the Facebook Messenger Dark Mode you will see a message from Facebook saying that the feature is still under development and you will not see the Dark Mode everywhere. Also, there might be some functionality problems.

Right now it is not clear if the Dark mode works in all countries and platforms but we can assure you that it works on iOS and Android devices. Also, Reddit users from Portugal, Czech, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia confirmed that the Dark Mode works for them. It also worked on Android and iOS smartphones in India so we can reach the conclusion that the Dark Mode is widely spread right now and Facebook will officially roll it out sooner or later.

If you don’t see the moon emoji that activates the Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger you should make sure that you are using the latest Facebook Messenger app version.



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