More and more rich people are getting ready for the Apocalypse by buying bunkers that were especially created to keep them safe. These bunkers are not just very good fortresses, as they are also luxury homes equipped with everything rich people are used to.

Vivos is one of the world’s leaders in building bunkers, and one of the most recent projects of the company is The Xpoint – the biggest “defense” community in the world – according to the company. With a surface of nine miles in South Dakota, far away from nuclear targets, the 575 bunkers are withhold bombing and each one can house up to 20 – 25 people. Besides the conform of a luxurious home, they provide enough storage space for 12 months of supplies. But safety comes at a pretty high price: $25,000 for a 99 years lease, plus $1000 in yearly maintenance.

Rising S Company is another company specialized in building bunkers, headquartered in Texas. The company says sales grew spectacularly in the last few months. Precisely, sales grew by 300% since the U.S. presidential elections. In other words, as soon as Donald Trump became president, people started buying bunkers.

In a CNN interview, Gary Lynch, the CEO of the company, said that global sales grew by 700% in 2016 compared to the previous year. Bunkers are most common in the United States of America where liberal rich people are getting ready for the “Trump Apocalypse”, but companies that build bunkers say that things must bee seen beyond a political perspective.

On the other hand, the world’s biggest bunker is in the Czech Republic, a bunker also known as “The Oppidum”, with a surface of approximately 7200 square meters. The bunker includes underground luxury rooms, secret corridor that connects upper buildings with lower ones, Jacuzzi bathroom , movie theater, gaming room, pool, gym, a spa, and even an underground garden that provides simulated natural light for its inhabitants.

The bunker is located in a rural area nearby Prague, less than two hours from Moscow or London via private plane.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that the world’s richest people started to buy bunkers as soon as Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States ?


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