first iphone prototype

All those interested in technology surely remember the first iPhone Steve Jobs revealed in 2007 and described as a 3-in-1 device: a phone, iPod and a computer connected to the Internet.

Well, the description was somewhat accurate because the iPhone prototypes looked like a combination between a mobile phone, an iPod and a computer and new images with the prototypes have been recently released online.

What you can see in the images is a prototype similar to the first iPhone ever released, used between 2006 – 2007 to test the hardware components that were going to be implemented in the revolutionary phone and the OS operating system ( that’s how iOS was called back in the day ) which was developed by the team of software engineers from Apple.

first iphone prototype

The “phone” is very similar to a computer motherboard, being packed with slots for components and many jacks to ensure the functionality of the phone. For example, we have wireless antennas for Wi-Fi and modem, we have a slot for the SIM card in the upper region, the 30 pins connector for PC, Ethernet port for Internet, 4 GB of flash memory, photo camera, home button and the display.

first iphone prototype 2

Other interesting things are the two jacks which were combined into one in the final model, the possibility of outputting video signal through component cables or composite and the serial ports used for diagnostic and data transfer for some features. This iPhone prototype was powered using an AD/DC adapter however there is also a space dedicated to the battery on the motherboard.

Because of these development boards, Apple has managed to keep the final design of the iPhone a secret, as it was a real surprise when it was presented by Steve Jobs. Those who worked on the hardware and software development had no idea how the final iPhone will look like as Steve Jobs controlled access to the final prototype.


The name of this model is M68 or Purple 2 and it may be the oldest iPhone that still works. It starts if plugged in and displays the Apple logo. The operating system is not final and it needs to be connected thorough a Mini USB to a computer in order to load the test apps such as the phone app to make phone calls.

The photos are courtesy to The Verge, who had the opportunity of seeing the prototype in person.



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