boy survives in the desert

A 5 years old boy who got lost during a walk with his family was found after he spent 24 hours alone in a desert in the western region of Argentina.

More than 1000 people from the San Juan province searched for the boy after his family reported him missing.

The boy was found by a former motorcycle pilot, 21 kms from the place he was last seen. Clarin newspaper reported that the boy traveled along through the El Salado desert, an area that is populated by wild life such as pumas, vipers, scorpions and others.

The boy was taken to the hospital. The doctors found that the boy is in good condition however slightly dehydrated. ” I was cold, i slept on a rock” the boy told the media.

The boy also told the media that he drank water from a creek and ate grass.

He spent 24 hours in nature, it’s a big deal” the boy’s rescuer, Alberto Ontiveros said, attracting attention over the fact that wild animals live in the area.


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