homeless anthony porter uk

Anthony Porter, 34 years old, lives on the streets of Grimsby, United Kingdom, for almost 15 years old. Recently, Porter witnessed the robbery of a store and the way he handled things made a very good impression on locals.

He saw two men breaking the window of a store with an axe to steal gold and jewelry. Without thinking too much, Anthony stepped in and immobilized one of the thieves.

“As soon as I heard noise I ran after him and removed his good. I took the gold from the street and returned it all. I need money, but I did the right thing” Anthony Porter said after returning 11.000 EUR worth of jewels and gold  to the store.

“I am homeless for 15 years now, but I don’t steal for others” Porter added. The store manager, David James, said he is not surprised with the gesture made by Anthony Porter.

“We know him for years, we used to charge his phone and buy him warm drinks when its cold outside. I’m not at all surprised he did that” David James, store manager, said.

Before becoming homeless, Anthony Porter owned a landscaping business. He says he wants to find work in landscaping or construction.

A spokesman of the Humberside police said they are now trying to locate the second thief who managed to get away. The man Anthony ran after is now in jail.



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