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Netflix productions have become more and more popular lately. In 2018, Netflix won the Oscar award for the Icarus documentary and this has also generated some negative reactions from industry veterans.

Many Hollywood directors think Netflix movies do not deserve their notoriety and director Steven Spielberg is one of them.

Besides the Icarus documentary, Netflix has also started to win awards for movies such as “Mudbound”, a movie that was in New York and Los Angeles movie theater for one week. “13th” directed by Ava DuVerney was laos nominated at the Academy Awards back in 2016.

Steven Spielberg said he doesn’t think movies that are praised in movie theaters for one week deserve to be nominated at the Oscar awards. Steven Spielberg also thinks that once you have chosen a TV format, you’re a “TV movie”. Also, director Christopher Nolan, who most recently directed “Dunkirk”, thinks that Netflix’s plans lack reason and they are bizarre. Nolan went on to apologize later, after making thee statements.

The Netflix controversy has started to grow and many are now wondering if Netflix deserves to get nominations at movie festivals considering that the premiere of “Okja” was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. After the last year edition, Cannes introduced a rule that states that movies that are selected for the competition must also be shown in movie theaters.

Cannes director Thierry Fremaux said that productions from Netflix and Amazon are important and that, at some time, they will earn a better understanding. He also added that, to become part of history, a movie needs to go through movie theaters, books, big displays of the quality LED screens rental Los Angeles is famous about, as well as to deal with critics and so on. All these things are part of the tradition movie industry is based on, the director also added.



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