Phone Arena website proposed a design for the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone using unofficial information available and adapting the design lines of the Galaxy S10 in order to provide a glimpse into the near future of Samsung smartphones.

Now it does the same thing with Apple smartphones by presenting a possible design of the new iPhone XI ( or iPhone 11 ) adapted using the information we’ve kept hearing over the last few weeks.

The 3D images were created also being inspired by the rumors about a “dark” mode of the iOS 13 interface, all menus and icons being adapted to shades of gray and black, along with the colors we are used to in iOS 12.


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Overall, the design does not appear to be very different than the design of the iPhone X or iPhone XS. Recent rumors launched by reputable sources suggest that the iPhone XI ( or iPhone 11 ) will not be very different on the outside, but we can still notice a few changes. The notch in the images created and released by Phone Arena is significantly smaller which is due to the evolution of the True Depth technology that allows face unlock through the Face ID. The frontal camera will find its place here along with the speaker.



On the back, the camera has a similar shape, but instead of the LED flash we see a third camera. iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max come with dual camera systems with a regular wide camera and a camera with 2x zoom, and according to rumors the third camera might be a TOF sensor ( Time-of-Flight ) meant to improve the AR functionality in iOS. Alternatively, Apple might integrate hre a new sensor and ultra-wide objective in order to provide parity with the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera system.

iPhone XI photos so far suggested that the camera system might be moved from the left towards the center but there also are rumors that say this is not true. Moreover, regarding the flash on the back, Phone Arena suggests that there are two different possibilities than that of a ring-flash around the camera: either it is moved lower, or the frame of the camera module might also act as a flash, being created using a transparent plastic. Most likely the second option is not exactly doable because it does not match Apple’s design philosophy so far.

These images are created just based on the details available so far so there is a lot of room for changes in the next few months. The next Apple event is going to take place in just a few days, on march 25, and will be focused on accessories, services and tablets, so the final design of the iPhone XI will most likely be completed sometime in the summer, and the release will happen – as usual – in september.


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