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Actress Helen Mirren

British actress Helen Mirren has criticized the Netflix streaming platform in a recent speech at CinemaCon 2019 event, an annual event dedicated to movie producers and distributors that takes place in Las Vegas.

I love Netflix but to hell with Netflix” Helen Mirren said at CinemaCon 2019.

Helen Mirren said that there’s nothing like watching a movie in a movie theater. According to The Guardian, actress Helen Mirren made these statements during an event promoting her most recent movie, The Good Liar, produced by Warner Bros. studio.

Last year Helen Mirren said that viewing movies at home on streaming services in “devastating” for people who want to make movies for the big screen.

She also said that the “collective” experience of going to the movies is starting to fade away. Although she used a friendly tone when making these statements, movie producers are more and more worried with the effect Netflix has in movie distribution.

Netflix combines making movies with streaming movies online, a model that does not exactly follow the traditional 12 weeks window during which newly released movies can only be seen in movie theaters.

In a Twitter post published last month, Netflix argued that the business model of the company provide access to people who do not live nearby movie theaters or they don’t afford to go to movie theaters.

CinemaCon, an event that takes place each year in Las Vegas is a good opportunity for movie studios to start promoting their most recent movies in front of an international audience of movie theater owners.

Some of the movies that were presented at CinemaCon is the most recent movie of Helen Mirren – The Good Liar – in which we can also see actor Ian McKellen, but also the newest “Joker” movie in which we can see Joaquin Phoenix starring in the leading role.

Scenes from the upcoming It: Chapter Two were also presented at CinemaCon 2019, the sequel of the It movie premiered in 2017. Both productions are based on the “It” novel written by Stephen King in 1986 and they both have Bill Skarsgard in the cast.


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