Because you have absolutely no certainty that a free game will bring you a lot of money, more and more analysts think that Hearthstone is going down.

Digital games with books like Hearthstone are many. Even so, the field is still at the beginning and many important developers announced similar projects. While may of you are playing Hearthstone on PC, Mac or Mobile, the developers of Elder Scrolls are putting the final touches on Legends. Legends might be the most important rival for the Blizzard RPG.

Hearthstone has a more serious problem than the fact that there are decent alternatives with a similar recipe. According to Superdata, the research company confirms that the Blizzard game is losing popularity and will soon be extinct. Based on a simple analysis the company reached the conclusion that the revenue of Hearthstone for iOS and Android is at an all time low since the release of the first version. Moreover, there is no sign that the revenue will improve in the near future. From year to year, month to month, many bad decisions made by the developer have had negative impact on the game and influenced the number of players.

The only good news is that the drop of profits for the Desktop version of the Hearthstone game happened slowly than on mobile. The trend is now however different. Recent gameplay decisions were not very popular and the result was a sudden drop of the conversion level on mobile. The conversion concept used by Superdata refers to the number of players who play the game for free but ended up spending real money.

In the last few months, Hearthstone prices went up and those who prefer to spend real money to buy expansion pack have more to lose. Basically, the game will not disappear soon, but if it stops making money Blizzard will soon lose interest in the game.


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