Game of Thrones is the most popular TV series of all time but it will soon end, and HBO has just confirmed details about the last season.

The 7th Game of Thrones season surpassed all ratings records last year. Many have expected to watch the new episodes and, as always, many have decided to download the show illegally off the Internet.

Although we know for a long time now that Game of Thrones will end after the 8th season, many hoped that HBO will come with some good news. Unfortunately, through a few Twitter posts, HBO officials confirmed some of the rumors that have been floating around over the last few months.

The 8th and final Game of Thrones season will be aired in 2019. In other words, we have to wait more than one year before we can watch a new episode. Rumors about this first appeared back in July of last year but everybody thought that this is because there are production problems, but this is not the case. Most likely HBO takes advantage of this to better define the future series that will take place in the same Universe as Game of Thrones.

The 8th Game of Thrones season will include six episodes, while the seventh season had 7 episodes and all previous seasons had 10 episodes. Although it will be the shortest season yet, episodes will be longer.

Veterans David Benioff and Dan Weiss will continue to be in charge of the production and they will write the script of every episode alongside Bryan Cogman and David Hill and the two Davids will also direct the last episode of the 8th season.


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