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Ralph Northam, the Governor of Virginia, has issued public apology that photos of two young men in racial outfits from a 1984 college photo album have surfaced. One of the men in the photos has his face painted in black while the other one is wearing the outfit of the Ku Klux Klan.

Ralph Northam has issued an apology after the yearbook page from when he was in college has appeared in the media. The yearbook page was published by the Big League Politics. The page includes other photos but also personal details.

” I deeply regret my decision of appearing in that photo. I am so sorry for the misery I caused then and now” the Governor said.

“Such a behavior does not reflect what I am today and the values for which I fought my entire career in the military, medicine and public service. However I want you to understand, I know this decision damages the commitments I have made” he also added after the photos were released to the public.

“I am aware that I need time and effort to repair the damage I have caused. I’m prepared. The first step is to apologize and to reiterate my commitment to rise up to the expectations people have from me” Ralph Northam also added.

The Black Caucus in Virginia says that they are still processing what they have seen about the governor and the photos were described as “disgusting and offensive”.

Jack Wilson, the president of the Republican Party in Virginia asked the Governor to resign. “Racism has no place in Virginia. These photos are wrong. If the Governor appears in these photos, whether with a black face or wearing a KKK uniform, he has to resign” Wilson said.


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