Google has announced the release date of the service that will block annoying ads on the Chrome web browser.

Starting with February 15, Google will start blocking annoying ads in Chrome. Google has announced this feature at the beginning of this year in a blog post. Google’s strategy is to fight against blocking ads, becoming a company that will have more control over how ads are blocked.

While most web browser extensions block all ads, Google’s feature will only block those that are considered “unacceptable” by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that also includes Facebook and Google. With a major web browser, an advertising platform and a place in the Coalition for Better Ads, Google can help direct demand, will make sure that AdWords ads are compliant and will block any rival ad agency that does not adhere to the rules imposed by Google.

The Coalition for Better Ads has many examples of ads that are not acceptable such as automatically rendering sound ads, big sticky ads, etc. Chrome will only block ads such as these, while less annoying ads will manage to get through.

Blocking ads on a website is something like “All or nothing”. If a website runs an ad that does not fit the criteria, all ads on that website will be blocked by the Chrome web browser, even those that are not annoying. The Google Ad Experience Report website will allow users to report ads. Once reported, web developers have 30 days to clean a website or to make ads compliant.


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