The Google Pixel 2 smartphone, which will arrive in 2017, will also reveal some clues about Google’s strategy in 2017.

Although the first Google Pixel smartphone started out in the world on the right foot as users have noticed some problems regarding the functionality of the phone, it is rumored that the Google Pixel 2 smartphone Google will release this year will be able o compete with Apple’s smartphones and will fully establish Android as a premium mobile platform.

Those of you who looked past the Google Pixel problems and liked the phone should know that the Google Pixel 2 smartphone will arrive by the end of this year.

The Google Pixel 2 smartphone will continue the tradition by the original model and Osterloh says that it will be a premium device. We also know that Google has not interest in releasing cheap devices.

Although it was expected for Google to release a new smartphone this year, because many big manufacturers are releasing new devices every year, Rick Osterloh’s confirmations also provide a few clues regarding Google’s strategy in 2017.

So, we learn that Google wants to release a device that will rival with the iPhone an we also learn that Android manufacturers want to release new mid and low range devices in order to increase their portfolio.

This fits very well with the current Google strategy. The first Google Pixel smartphone, despite some problems, remains one of the best Android smartphones on the market and we are very glad to see Google will continue on the same line.


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