While Samsung will most likely remain in history as the first manufacturer to release a foldable smartphone, the failure of the company of delivering a viable product makes it possible for someone else to strike it big financially.

Although more discrete with public appearances, Google is experimenting with foldable smartphones prototypes, and one of them might become the first representative of the Pixel Fold series.

Google is not a company known for setting the trend on the smartphones market as the company prefers to use well established design concepts however this is not reason to believe that Google is not interesting in new things. Recent analysis on the Android Q Beta 3 OS shows optimizations created for foldable screens, reunited under a new feature called Screen Continuity.

Actually, even the chief engineer for the Pixel family of smartphones, Mario Queiroz, admits that Google has been playing around with foldable phones but right now the company is not prioritizing them.

According to the Google official, the current strategy to promote foldable smartphones to those who want to enjoy a bigger screen without the need of a tablet. He thinks there is the need of more innovation to convince buyers that a foldable smartphone is a necessity not just a curiosity for those who have to pay $2000 or more.

Unfortunately, lately Android Q optimizations do not provide too many clues about the way the upcoming Google foldable smartphone might look like. Although Google worked together with Samsung to optimize the Android OS for Galaxy Fold smartphones, Google appears to like a design with a foldable screen on the exterior of the case, which is easier from a hardware point of view. But for now the focus remains on the release of the new Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL models.


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