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The Google Chrome web browser will receive, in the near future, some updates that will simply make the browser incompatible with Ad Blocking extensions, but also with other extensions that block content.

AdBlock Plus and other similar extensions that users use to hide ads and unwanted content on websites might not work with the Chrome web browser or they will work but with a seriously limited functionality, as Google will remove from the web browser some of the advanced content filtering features.

According to Google, the updates to come have the purpose of improving the performance of the Chrome web browser but also to improve security by limiting the way extensions have access to the Chrome resources. Users will gain more control over the extensions they install by directly deciding which information and privileges extensions get to use.

For this purpose, Google will replace the webRequest API with a component named declarativeNetRequest. The latter will be able to read network requests received from websites but it will not provide the possibility of intercepting them in order to be modified, blocked or intercepted. Moreover, the network requests triggered by users will no longer be intercepted by installed extensions thus Google shutting down an “espionage” method some Google users are using.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the extensions used to block ads will have to suffer, Google constraining users to rely on native ad blocking features recently added to the Chrome web browser.

Under the new rules, blocking some media elements bigger than a specific size, disabling JavaScript elements by injecting security directives or stopping cookies used to get information about users will no longer be possible.

As expected, many Chrome extensions developers are unhappy with the recent measures taken by Google and they are accusing Google of prioritizing its own financial ambitions.

As a reaction to the wave of criticism from developers and users, Google has decided to revisit the announced updates and said that the features can still be discussed. Also, Google officials promised that popular extensions – such as the AdBlock Plus extension – will not be so seriously affected.


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