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Soon Google Maps will be able to pronounce the name of the cities in countries you visit and it can also intermediate conversations with the people you meet, thus becoming a universal translator.

Starting out from the idea that traveling to other countries is just as important as knowing where you are but also to communicate with the people you meet while you travel, Google will improve the Maps app with a “speaker” feature that will correctly pronounce the name of the location you select on the map.

For example, with the help of your phone’s speakers you will be able to hear the location you want to visit, thus avoiding unpleasant conversations with taxi drivers who do not know other languages. Also, you will be able to provide directions by pointing your finger on the Google Maps map and the app will pronounce the name of the street and even directions.

The new translation feature will be automatically activated when using Google Maps where the local language is different than the one set on the phone, offering local language translations without using a dedicated application.

The updated version of the Google Maps app will be available in the next following weeks for iOS and Android and it supports no less than 50 languages.


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