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Google Maps is one of the most popular apps that can help you navigate the world and the app also provides very useful details about the routes and timetable of public transportation, which are very useful for people who have to commute to work on a daily basis, especially in very busy cities around the world.

Google is constantly preoccupied with improving the Google Maps service and now Google is working on adding a new parameter in the route selection process which will make it more secure for people who are traveling at night.

Problematic especially during the night, routes that you travel on foot or by bike should become more secure in the near future.

With the exception of the situations where you’re in a familiar place and you already know the best streets that can get you to¬† your destination without endangering your safety, using Google Maps can be risky as, apparently a faster route might get you on a poorly illuminated street, which may be cause for concern.

Starting with the Google Maps 10.31.0 beta version of the app, route calculation will also account for the “quality” of the route and it will favor streets with good illumination at night.

Although it is uncertain when Google will add the new feature in the official Google Maps app, investigations made by XDA Developers members on the source code of the last Google Maps version shows the way Google approaches the poorly illuminated streets problem. Basically, Google Maps will consider a new “safety layer” named Lighting, implemented based on criteria such as marking visibility, the presents of well maintained systems for street illumination or the partial or total absence of illumination systems.

It is also possible for Google to gradually add the new feature to Google Maps and eventually to become available globally.


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