android q operating system

Google is making some important changes in Android Q in order to make it more similar to Apple’s iOS 12 operating system.

Google came up with some very interesting changes in Android Q, the operating system that is now currently available only in beta for some smartphones models, being available for more models in the near future.

A very important change is regarding gestures users can use to control the phones, as gestures will become more refined, similar to iOS 12 gestures.

Android Q comes with this change after many complained that the gestures implemented by Google in Android 9 turned out to be a bit disappointing compared to iOS gestures. To solve this situation, Google decided to make them better in Android Q, and below you can see a small presentation of how gestures will work in the new Android Q OS.

Android Q has a special settings menu that allows you to active these new gestures, but right now everything is being tested and nothing more. According to the people who tested these new changes, Android Q has more fluid transitions between animations for switching from one app to another, it has a new gesture to change used apps and a gesture “borrowed” form the iOS 12 in order to return to the main screen.

Android Q has “borrowed” the iPhone elegance regarding transitions of the animations and those who have smartphones from Google can already test these new changes. Basically, Google understood what people don’t like in Android 9 and decided to make the necessary changes to Android Q in order to make it more pleasant for users to use Android Q phones, which is something great.

Google will roll out Android Q for all compatible smartphones sometime in August of this year but until that happens Google is going to release a number of beta versions that will unveil all important changes and new features.


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