google stadia gaming controller

The new gaming streaming service from Google has been launched tonight and Google says it is more powerful than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One combined. Pretty bold statement from Google but we know the Mountain View giant is not making statements that cant be backed with facts.

Google has launched the games streaming service today, which is something Google has been working on for months. Google Stadia has been tested ever since 2018 and Google used an Assassin’s Creed game to test the functionality of the service and the platform has received very good reviews.

The launch of the Google Stadia gaming service has been made during the Game Developer Conference earlier tonight and it will be available for Chrome, Android and TVs. We’re talking about a special Google Stadia app that will be provided for these operating systems, gamers having the possibility of  playing games using accessories connected to the devices they use to play games.

Graphics wise, games will be rendered at the best quality possible and this because games are played through streaming. The latency is very reduced and for slower internet connections Google Stadia should provide an excellent gaming experience and this also removes the need the buy powerful hardware to play the latest games.

The Google Stadia platform has been designed with everybody in mind, meant to make the newest games compatible with almost every device, even for users with less advanced hardware or laptops. Google Stadia will also be integrated in YouTube and those interested in the platform will be able to switch from videos to games in less than five seconds, which is really amazing considering that some games load slow even on top computers.

Computers and smartphones will be able to access the Google Stadia platform through an app but if you’re using a TV you will need a Chromecast Ultra in order to play games, which makes sense.

This is how the Google Stadia controller looks like, the controller you need to get in order to play games on Stadia:


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