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Google is getting ready to make a stormy entrance on the video games market if we were to judge things by the media invitations Google sent out for an event that will take place at the Game Developers Conference 2019 event on march 19 in the Moscone Center, San Francisco.

The invitation says “all will be revealed” during the event, and there are many clues that Google is working on a new game streaming technology. With the codename Yeti, the technology will – apparently – be the base of a subscription service that will run on Chromecast or on a possible gaming console built by Google.

Moreover, it appears that Google has hosted meetings with many publishers at the GDC 2013 and E3 2018 to make sure these companies will support the new gaming platform. Also, it is rumored that Google has already brought many important gaming industry people in an attempt to create exclusive content for the upcoming gaming platform.

In the fall of last year Google hosted a beta testing session for such a project called Project Stream in which participants got to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey through gaming streaming via the Chrome web browser. The testing ended at the beginning of this year and the participants were asked to provide their email addresses so they can be contacted with news about this new gaming technology.


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