upgrade windows 7 to windows 10

Up until recently, Microsoft did everything to convince users to switch from older Windows versions such as Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10. Now, even Google is starting to encourage users to upgrade because older Windows versions are no longer secure because they don’t get updates from Microsoft and Google has recently identified a major bug that can compromise a computer.

Google runs a program that helps identify bugs in other platforms and the new Windows 7 bug referring to the win32k.sys file has been identified on February 27. Microsoft has received an official notification at that time. Now, one week later, Google’s rules regarding such problems says that the public must also be announced about the existence of the bug.

Google has discovered the problem because it was used along with a Chrome vulnerability Google has fixed on March 1 with the release of the 72.0.3626.121 version of the web browser. Users who are still using Windows 7 are encouraged to check if the Chrome web browser has been updated to the new version and, if not, they should upgrade manually. It appears that this vulnerability only affects 32 bits Windows 7 computers, so 64 Bits Windows 7 computers shouldn’t be affected.

In any case, Google recommends you should upgrade to Windows 10 because Windows 7 is an operating system that no longer receives official support from Microsoft. Windows 7 might have other problems that nobody has discovered yet, problems that might help people with wrong intentions access personal data and files.


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